Triple Diamond Plan

The Triple Diamond Plan allows you to save for your dreams, while still having the security of life cover.


This flexible insurance plan guarantees you three pay-outs during the policy term. You are covered against death and disability, so your premiums will continue to be paid should something happen to you – ensuring you get the returns you anticipated. 

  • The Triple Payment Diamond Plan is offered in options of 15, 18, 21 and 24 years periods.
  • The contract pays in three instalments:
    - The first instalment of 25% is paid after the first third of the policy term.
    - The second instalment of 25% is paid after two thirds of the term.
    - The balance of 50% is paid at full maturity, including bonuses.
  • The insured is also covered for the full assured amount, plus the bonuses during the entire duration of the policy term.


  • The policy earns bonuses at each policy anniversary.
  • The death benefits are 100% of the sum assured plus any accumulated bonuses.
  • You can enhance your policy benefits using Optional Covers (see below).

-- Accident Benefit - One may add Accidental death as well as disability benefits to the plan.

-- Disability Waiver of Premium - In the event of disability due to sickness or an accident, all future premiums will be waived. Your policy will continue to remain in force as if you were paying premiums normally

  • You can use the policy as Security: allowing you to take a loan against the accumulated value of the policy from Liberty Life or other financial institutions. 
  • Flexible premium options: Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly and Monthly.
  • Get a premium discount: Two (2) month’s premium discounts when premiums are paid annually, and one (1) month premium discount when premiums are paid semi-annually.
  • Annual insurance relief of 15% of gross premiums paid or KES 60 000- whichever is lower.

Many ways to pay: Salary Deduction, Bankers Order, Standing Order, Cheque, Mpesa, Debit or Credit Cards.

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