Soma Savings Plan

Make strides towards your financial goals


Your financial goals and security are within reach with a Soma Savings Plan. Lock your money away for a fixed term that suits you best and watch your savings grow with guaranteed interest rates.


Why the Soma Plan is perfect for you


  • Earn up to twice your savings
  • Free funeral cover of up to Kes. 200,000
  • 15% discount if you register with your spouse
  • 2 months discount on annual premium


Flexible to match your changing financial standing


You can also increase your premiums in line with inflation and decrease them once again in case of unexpected financial constraints.



  • Maturity Benefit: We guarantee the amount (sum assured) payable as selected at policy inception at the end of the policy.
  • Life Assurance (Death) Benefit: We guarantee that your benefit will be paid to your beneficiaries as a lump sum in the unfortunate event of your demise.
  •  Last expense benefit*: We will pay 10% of the policy sum assured or Kes 200,000 (lower) within 48 hours of notification of the demise of the insured parent or child for a maximum of two children.

* Last expense amount payable on the death of a child under ten (10) years will not exceed Kes 100,000 under the provisions of section 96 of the Insurance Act 2015

(Last expense benefit will not be paid if no child has been selected.)




  • Permanent total disability benefit: Your benefit is payable in the event of permanent disability and incapacity to perform your current occupation resulting from bodily injury, illness, disease or surgery
  • Double accident benefit: Where demise occurs as a result of an accident, the policy beneficiary will receive double the sum assured.
  • Critical Illness benefit: Receive 35% of the sum assured on the first diagnosis of any one of the following conditions: Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke, Major organ transplant, End-stage renal failure, Paraplegia, Coronary artery surgery, Aorta Surgery and Replacement of a heart valve.
  • Waiver of premium on retrenchment: You receive a 6-month premium waiver if retrenched from salaried employment.

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