Educator Plan

Secure your child’s future – no matter what. The Educator Plan is designed as a savings and protection plan to provide for the future education needs of your child, ensuring you will have the money to meet any critical educational needs in future.


  • A life insurance product that offers you savings and protection.  
  • Cover can start from as early as 3 months old.
  • The plan runs from 10 to 20 years.
  • Get additional benefits like extra life cover, accidental benefits and premium waivers.
  • Benefits are paid in five stages:                                  

FIRST: 14% of sum assured paid 4 years before the end of the policy term                                                        

SECOND: 14% of sum assured paid 3 years before the end of the policy term                                                   

THIRD: 14% of sum assured paid 2 years before the end of the policy term                                                       

FOURTH: 14% of sum assured paid 1 year before the end of the policy term                                                     

FINAL: 50% of sum assured plus accumulated bonuses is made at the end of the policy term                 


NOTE: In case of accidental or natural death, a death benefit of the full cover amount plus accumulated bonuses is payable.

BENEFITS OF THE EDUCATOR PLAN                         

  • Earn policy bonuses at each policy anniversary.
  • Death benefits are 100% of the sum assured plus any accumulated bonuses.
  • Enhance your policy benefits at reduced rates using Optional Cover.
  • Can be used as security: Take a loan against the accumulated value of the policy from Liberty Life or other financial institutions.
  • Flexible premium payment modes: Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly and Monthly.
  • Receive a premium discount: Two (2) month’s premium discounts when premiums are paid annually and One (1) month premium discount when premiums are paid semi-annually.
  • Annual Insurance relief of 15% of gross premiums paid or KES 60 000, whichever is lesser.                                                          

Pay in a number of ways: Salary Deduction, Bankers Order, Standing Order, Cheque, Mpesa, Debit Cards or Credit Cards.

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