Boresha Maisha Individual Pension Plan

Boresha Maisha Fund Factsheet


The Boresha Maisha fund fact sheet allows you to make an informed decision by giving you all the information you need to understand how the fund works, what investments are being made and the performance of the fund over time.

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Retirement without regrets


You've worked hard; now it's time to care of yourself.


The Boresha Maisha Individual Pension Plan is a retirement plan designed for people who don't have access to traditional pension plans through their employers or those who would like to supplement existing pension plans provided by their employers.


The Boresha Maisha Individual Pension Plan is an innovative way to help you save for the long term and get peace of mind about your future. It's flexible, affordable, and has no hidden costs. This product enables you to sustain your lifestyle upon retirement.


When you retire, you can get the accumulated funds at once or a monthly income if you invest your retirement funds in Boresha Ustaafu, our Income Drawdown plan.  


Discover your best option


Boresha Maisha presents a diverse range of investment portfolios to cater to varying risk appetites and investor time horizons:

  • Conservative Fund: Ideal for investors seeking minimal risk who prefer to avoid significant investment risk.

  • Aggressive Fund: Tailored for individuals with a high appetite for risk and a long-term investment perspective. Investors in this fund are prepared to weather the volatilities linked with equities in the short term.

  • Moderate Fund: Designed for those with a medium risk appetite and a medium-term horizon, this fund balances the characteristics of both conservative and aggressive approaches.

  • Cash Fund: Emphasizing stable returns and capital preservation, the Cash Fund invests predominantly in low-risk, short-term investments. It's perfect for investors aiming for consistent investment returns.

  • Boresha Maisha Individual Pension Plan:



Conservative Fund

Balanced Fund

Aggressive Fund

Cash Fund






1 Year





2 Years





3 Years





Since Inception








Benefits of the Boresha Maisha Individual Pension Plan

  • A guaranteed monthly income when you retire.

  • Flexible savings options 

  • You can access all your savings with investment income at any time after three years of joining.  

  • The plan functions independently from your employer therefore you can still retain your membership if you change employers

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